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Life Coach: Rhian White   {new window}  
Address: Philadelphia, PA, 19446United States    Phone: 215.853.8271    Coaching Focus: Welcome to the Coach page of Rhian White! Welcome to my Coach Page! I am so excited that you've taken a moment to stop by. There are many reasons that could lead you to the Get A Coach! Section of the FLI website. Whatever they are, I'm glad that you're here and I want to congratulate you on looking around. As a Certified Fearless Living Coach, I specialize in working with people who are serious about wanting to change their lives. Getting the things that you want out of life takes effort (which is a great thing!) and it is important that as a client, you are willing to fight for what you want. Like James Arthur Ray states in The Secret, getting what you want from life takes thought PLUS action. Opportunity can knock but it is up to you to open the door and step across the threshold. That said, the process of finding your true self and stepping into the life that you want to live doesn't have to be painful, hard or overwhelming. As a coach, I strive to support my clients in making conscious choices every single day. When you live with conscious intention, you can stay on that track to getting everything that you want. You will find that changing your life is like injecting every single day with a breath of springtime. It is a beautiful, amazing and EXCITING process. About Me Hiring a coach is a big deal. I want to acknowledge that by sharing a little bit about myself with you. I am a professional writer, speaker, teacher and (of course) CFLC! I have been working as a freelance writer for a few years now and am excited to say that I am currently in negotiations with an agent for my first nonfiction book. I will update as soon as I know more about that but it is a book designed for women about relationships, love, loving oneself and having a relationship with oneself. I also facilitate my own courses and workshops. I am currently teaching some courses on Living The Secret, Unblocking Creativity, Getting beyond Writers Block and Blogging. I have some other courses in development as well. I mostly have been teaching these classes throughout the Philadelphia area but am considering expanding to the teleclass world. Please send me an email if this is something you would participate in, would like more information about or just think is a good idea! I got into coaching because I was tired of living a life full of things I felt like I Had to do or Should do. I wanted to be me, I wanted to know what that meant, I didn't want to come home after work and spend my entire night watching television and eating chips. I wanted to really LIVE my life, to make real friends, to form actual connections, to express who I am and to stop letting outside circumstances determine my mood. I have done all of that, and so can you. Some Related Experiences: * I have struggeled with my weight for a few years and have been successful with Weight Watchers. I really believe in and love that program *I have also worked at a gym and did get my personal training certificate but I do not practice in that field *I have had family, friend and personal experience with alcohol addiction, drug addiction, overcoming those addictions, being affected by those addictions and living amongst individuals who have those dependencies. *I have been closely and personally affected by death and the tragedy of sudden loss. *I have ended very serious long term relationships that were not supporting me *I have cultivated a new very empowering and loving relationship in which i show up as myself every single day *I have gone from having no friends at all to an overwhelming amount of friends to where I am now which is a circle of people I really enjoy. *I have left the security of a job to make it on my own. *I have mended painful family relationships, have ended friendships that were not supportive of me and have gotten clear about what I want. I share these things because I feel that it is important to know that a coach is NOT perfect, we do not give advice and we don't know all the answers. I have however lived through quite a bit of experiences, I do understand what it's like to feel sad, lost, confused, hurt, inspired, excited, loved, hopeless and hopeful. We are all works in progress, we are all going through it and we all need support. If you want a coach, if you don't know if you want a coach, if you are confused, if you are feeling lost, if you have a definite goal in mind, if you have dreams, if you feel like you just need a little help, if you want to get ahead, if you are tired of doing the same things in and out, if you simply just want more information - send me an email. Let me know where you're at and we can figure it all out. This quote describes exactly what I believe a life lived Fearlessly looks like: "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. Michelangelo Carve the life you want. Don't wait. These are the moments of your life. Email me: rhianawhite@gmail.com...
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