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Lingomigo: Learning Language through exchange, chat and penpals
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Free Video Greeting cards in multiple languages for a variety of occasions. Lyrics provided.                                    
Frequently Asked Questions

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I Love You                            Ask Someone Out On A Date

I Love You  (01:31)                                        Ask Someone Out On a Date  (01:05)

I Miss You                                  Congratulations

I Miss You  (00:51)                                                    Congratulations  (00:48)

Thank You                                  I'm Sorry

Thank You  (00:47)                                                    I'm Sorry  (01:00)

Will You Marry Me ?                                  You're On My Mind

Will you Marry Me ?  (01:00)                                                    You're on my mind  (00:57)

Special Occasions

Happy Anniversary                                    Happy Birthday

Happy Anniversary  (00:54)                                                    Happy Birthday  (00:56)

Good Luck and Good Bye                                    Congrats On Your Wedding Good Luck And Good Bye  (01:02)                                         Congrats On Your Wedding  (1:14)

Congrats On Your Engagement                                   Congrats On Your Baby Congrats On Your Engagement  (00:55)                                        Congrats On Your New Baby  (00:53)

Congrats On Your New Home                                   Congrats On Your Pregnancy Congrats On Your New Home  (00:53)                                        Congrats On Your Pregnancy  (00:49)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does each video contain ?

Each video consists of translations of a particular phrase in a variety of languages. These videos may be sent as greeting cards to friends or loved ones, on the appropriate occasion.

Do the videos have background sound ?


How many languages are supported ?

Currently, Rockle Lingomigo videos are available in 6 languages: Hindi, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and English. More languages will be added soon.

Can I advertise on Rockle's video greeting cards ?

For advertising or any other queries, click here.

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